Twitch Streaming

Since 2020, Michael Campbell has provided broadcast services to racing leagues on leading motorsports simulator iRacing via his Twitch channel itsthesoup. Michael's Twitch channel broadcasted nearly 100 streams of iRacing league content during his first year, primarily focused on oval racing series utilizing NASCAR Cup, Xfinity, and Truck Series vehicles.

To see examples of Michael's work, click here to be taken to his Twitch channel, or click the link below to see the embedded full-race replay.

Discover itsthesoup

Michael serves as lead color commentary and producer of each show on his channel, utilizing graphics and telemetry software to provide an engaging stream. Each broadcast helps tell the league's story, going beyond single-race moments to help viewers connect to the league's myriad of talent behind the virtual wheel.

Michael pairs his passion of motorsports with years of experience in radio, having worked in multiple on-air capacities with WVCW Radio in Richmond, Virginia. This experience, along with learning from his mentors in television and radio sports broadcasting, has helped Michael hone his ability to tell stories during each race and through a league's season.


What do you get when you have itsthesoup showcase the talents of your drivers live to viewers on Twitch & YouTube?

A broadcast on Michael Campbell's Twitch channel itsthesoup will deliver a high-quality production that focuses on providing a television-like experience for viewers. Broadcasts on the channel include:

  • Dedicated commentary by Michael Campbell
  • Pre-race coverage & post-race interviews with podium finishers (Top 3)
  • Custom, league-specific on-screen graphics, including past race results, point standings, league storylines, etc.
  • Customized broadcast cameras
  • On-screen telemetry assets
  • Full race replays saved to channel, complied into season playlist